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vrf Anger: Cripple-VEE for UNIX?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 23, 2000
GEURTS,GERARD (Non-A-England,ex1) wrote:
> Using UNIX by any change?

Youre leaving Unix? Is that the message?

> I don't think Agilent ever claimed MATLAB would
> run on workstations, ...

I confess, I did not check this formally. But I did not realize any differentiating hint.
I am afraid, Agilent does not treat unix users seriously.

> MATLAB is a Windows package.

I am surprised. The mathworks site offers more than a dozen platforms, Windows included

The HP-Tester here runs on HP-Unix, and Ill use it for some time to go ...

I am wondering, what new Agilent testers are using?

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