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tab in filter and mfilter for defining graphs, opt settings

Question asked by mlabro on Apr 27, 2004
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2004 by mlabro
Usually for lowpass and highpass, default span is ok.
For bandpass, it is too narrow. We'd like to see zeroes of elliptic bandpass
and Amin...

When we want to increase the span, we must create a new graph, a new linear analysis... If we try to do that in filter.response, these settings will be overwritten by next filter computation if a parameter is modified.

Isn't it possible to add a tab in filter, mfilter and sfilter in which we define start and stop frequencies (linear analysis settings) which will be used for all computations ?

In the same time, it would be convenient in this tab to define default min and max levels for S21 and S11. For instance, I'd like that all my filters responses use separate axes for S21 and S11 and 8 grid lines, 10 dB per division for S21 (0 to -80dB) and 8 grid lines , 5 dB by division for S11 (0 to -40 dB) as on my network analyzer.

By the way, the default optimization goals in mfilter are not very realistic(RL=30dB and Amin=30dB near the bandwidth) and optimization must be aborted quickly. I have noticed that when I redefine the optimization goals, they are overwritten with next mfilter computation after a parameter has been modified. Perhaps it would be nice in the same tab to define the two 30dB default optimization goals.