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Accessing EM results (manually adding lumped elements)

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Aug 24, 2004
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2008 by SERGEYTRU
From time to time, users seek additional example information
on the topic of accessing the results of an EM analysis for the
purpose of using that as a block in a schematic, or (said differently)
connecting a schematic network to EM analysis of a layout.

The attached workspace shows an example of doing this two ways:
1) Starting with a layout, analyzed by EM analysis and connecting
it to a lumped element on a schematic.
2) Manually connecting lumped elements (from a schematic)
into a layout being analyzed with EM.

The two above are actually very similar, and straightforward in
Genesys.  The notes page in the attached example workspace
file contains detailed dialogue explaining what's happening and
how it was done.