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Errors when attempting to print

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jun 3, 2004
I recently worked with a customer who was having problems printing
to his HP laserjet 8150 printer.  The whole truth is that we were pretty
stumped, and the customer ended up solving his own problem.  The
source of the issue seems (to me) obscure enough that I thought some
others might benefit from knowing the solution:

The symptom was simply that the customer would receive an
"error printing" message when attempting to print to the printer.
The problem was localized to his PC (other PCs printed fine) and
the usual resets etc. did not help.
He's running Windows XP.

To fix this, the customer deleted the printer and TCP/IP printer port
from his computer.  (The printer port was originally created using
the Windows XP interface)  The customer then reinstalled the port and
drivers using the install disk from HP  (I assume he refers to the
printer installation disk)  and the problem was corrected.

I'm not sure if this issue was limited to just the HP 8150 printer,
and I do not suggest that you should begin by uninstalling printers
and ports if you encounter a printing problem.  However if you reach
a point where nothing else has worked to remedy a print problem,
the above information may be of interest.