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Problem loading Genesys ver 7.03

Question asked by dwoodh on May 21, 2004
Latest reply on May 21, 2004 by NWHITE
I'm using an older version of Genesys (ver 7.03)

I just changed computers and I can not load the software from the CD. I'm running Win2000. When I insert the CD the computer becomes very sluggish. The CD does not spin as usual. I get an _ISdel.exe has generated errors message. I click ok and it enters the install program but then gives another error message and aborts:

An error occured during the move process : -117
compoonent : required  Files\\Lib
File D:\\lib\\Simple.LYR

I susspect the CD is damaged but it looks just fine.

I have tried it in other computers with similar results.

Any Ideas? Do the CD's self destruct after a few yrs?