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io lines in mfilter

Question asked by mlabro on Apr 15, 2004
1. Generally I have a box, signal tips of my sma and a filter computed with mfilter, all with a dimension in mil or mm.
So, I can mathematically deduce the physical length of the io lines I can afford.

Can somebody explain why io lines are expressed in degrees ? Who is able to know that 25° at 2236MHz is for instance 110mils ?

I always need to create a extra schematic with a TLE and convert with advanced tline and back and forth until I have my physical dimension. It's really tedious !

Why isn't it a option in layout which allows to choose physical length (as used in older genesys versions) for people like me or electrical length
for genius.

2. Now, being not very familiar with hyper, perhaps there is a reason I don't know. So, could somebody tell me if there is a rule of thumb to choose the io line in degrees referred to a given frequency... ?