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How to save custom substrate definitions in Genesys 2003.10+

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on May 7, 2004
How to save your own substrates in Genesys v2003.10+

Going beyond version 2003.03, you may have noticed a difference
in the interface for adding substrates (as well as some other things).  These
changes come as Genesys continues to incorporate further capability for
user customization.  In version 2003.03 and earlier, the user was provided
one place to save custom substrates.  In version 2003.10 and beyond, the
user can define multiple different places to save substrates.  This allows
more flexibility and specific customization of the software to multiple jobs
(and isn't true just for substrates, but that's material for another time...)

Here's how to save custom substrate information:

Step1:  Define a custom substrate library
1a) Click the substrate folder (to make it active destination), then use
the "new item" button in the workspace manager and choose "add substrate".
Give the substrate a name (or just use the default name) and click OK
1b) Click the "Copy To" button, then select "Library Manager" and click "New".
This adds a new library that starts out with the name "untitled".
1c) Click on the name "untitled" to select it, then click "Edit" and change the
name to whatever you desire, then click OK.  (Then click "Close")

[The above steps create a new library and bring you back to the substrate
properties entry box.]

Step2:  Define the substrate and save it to the library
2a) Enter the parameters as desired in the substrate.
2b) Click "Copy To", and select the name of the library you desire.

Using this feature with its increased capabilities, you can create multiple dedicated
libraries instead of lumping all custom substrates into one pile.  For instance,
you could create a custom group of Alumina substrates and a custom group
of specialized FR-4 substrates and keep them seperate.