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Overlay Coupler question

Question asked by breder on Aug 4, 2004
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2004 by JERRY_MARKETOS
I am not understanding the Broadside Coupled vs backward Wave coupler.  I think the Backward is as shown on the layout where coupling is across the gap between lines, all lines in the same plane.  Broadside is where the two lines are on different planes separated by "Offset from" on the "Convert using advanced TLine" dialog box.  This is available after "Stripline (Offset)" is selected.

For one thing, I get a variable named "Gap".  Where is that located?  Is it erroneously refering to the backward wave coupler?

When this coupler comes up on screen after selection, it is not 3 dB and by adjusting "Gap" 3 dB can be attained.  What am I doing?  How come I request a 3 dB coupler and don't get it?

I note on the optimization dialog box that S21 is not optomized but S31 is optimized to 3.1 dB.  Is that why the coupler is not balanced?

We just got 2 licenses for full suites of Eagleware on order.  Great!!!!