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Fill problems when importing DXF files to PADS software

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jun 23, 2004
If you encounter problems importing DXF files into PADS:

NOTE:  The dialogue below was provided to us by an Eagleware user after they
solved an issue with difficulty importing DXF files into PADS software.
This item isn't specific to Eagleware, but deals with importing DXF files into PADS software.

Quick background is that the customer was importing DXF files into PADS, only to
discover that just the outline of the desired entity would appear.
(The desire was to obtain a filled entity - think of the copper section for microstrip line etc.)
A DXF file contains information about the outline of a given entity,
without regard to whether the entity is filled or not.  The issue, then, was how to get
PADS to fill the entities and not just provide outlines.

Following is information provided by an Eagleware customer  (thanks !!)

...feel free to use as a FAQ, appnote, or any other
method of disseminating the information to PADS users.

Our objective was to export modeled microwave structures
(stripline coupler, balun, or any copper shape) from simulation tools
such as Eagleware and create a part in a PADS library.

The problem we encountered was during the DXF import to PADS.
The structure would import on Layer 1 as 2d lines and only as an outline with no fill.
We needed it to import as copper.  This is resolved during the DXF export from the simulation tool.
In our case, the simulation tool named the copper shape TOP_METAL.  This needs to be changed
to COPPER_01 before importing into pads (Note: It is case sensitive). This change can be done
in the simulation tool or the dxf file can be edited in a text editor, such as wordpad,
using the find and replace function.