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PLL and TLine won't run in GENESYS 2003.03 SP2 ($)

Question asked by MZachmann on May 14, 2003
Note: This problem is fixed in GENESYS 2003.03 SP3.

If you freshly installed Genesys 2003.03 SP2 (not upgraded), you may not be able to run PLL and TLine. The following error message is what you would get:

Error locating necessary initialization files.

The EAGLEWIN.INI file in your Windows directory is invalid or does not exist, or the DEFAULT.EG$ file located in your Eagleware directory is invalid or does not exist.

This problem can be remedied by opening the$ file with a text editor, such as Notepad, and making sure the first three lines of the file are the following (where the temporary path points to your GENESYS Temp directory):

TEMPPATH=C:\\Program Files\\GENESYS2003\\Temp

Also, make sure all the other variables defined in the file are correct. In particular, the LICENSEPATH variables.

We've posted a copy of the "standard"$ file here$.

You can just click and examine the file (or right click and do a Save As... to save the file to your hard disk). Save it to your C:\\Program Files\\Genesys2003 directory (assuming a standard installation).

If you installed into a different directory, change the relevant entries in the$ file before you save it into your executable location.

Note that this impacts TLINE and PLL only.

Mark Zachmann