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FAQ: GENESYS 2003 Installation

Question asked by MZachmann on May 1, 2003
Frequently asked installation issues

Q: When I click the Install GENESYS Now button the page changes to say the program is installing but nothing else happens (CD version only).
    A: This can happen if you are using some versions of Netscape Navigator or early versions of Internet Explorer.

    You can fix this by upgrading your IE installation or (alternatively) if you just want to install GENESYS there is a setup program accessible by batch file (SETUP.BAT on the CD). Prior to SP1 this batch file had a few issues and it may not run on all systems.

    If you must run SETUP.EXE manually, note that the GENESYS CD has two setup programs on it. One sets up license servers (for a network installation). The other setup program installs GENESYS. The GENESYS setup program is down the tree in \\Setup\\program files\\Eagleware.
Q: Can you update an existing Genesys installation just by overwriting the whole path (e.g. c:\\Program Files\\Genesys2003) with another computer's installed copy?
    A:   Although this might work you should not perform an update/upgrade that way.
    The GENESYS installer adds or replaces some data in the Windows Add/Remove database so that Add/Remove Programs in the control panel works right. It also places uninstall programs into the appropriate folder. If you don't do a normal installation then you won't be able to update/change/remove the GENESYS 2003.03 installation.
Q: What privileges are required to install GENESYS with Windows 2000/XP?
    A:   You must have administrator privileges (such as being logged in as Administrator) to install GENESYS. The security portion of GENESYS, such as drivers for hardware keys, require administrator privileges to install correctly.