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Synthesis of group delay equalizers not for filter but by sp

Question asked by MUGU57 on Mar 6, 2004
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2004 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
We do have a application in the field of satellite ground station equipment where we want to design  group delay equalizer for the two standard IF frequency bands used in satellite ground station equipment which are 70MHz +/- 18MHz and 140MHz +/- 36MHz.
In this case we don't have a IF filter defined by its response which we have to "make flat" in its group delay response by a equalizer as it is always show in your application examples in the internet. Instead of this we have to design group delay equalizers with defined linear or parabolic response,

So for example we have to generate a linear group delay slope of + or minus 0,1ns per MHz over the frequency band of 52 to 88MHz.
Or we have to generate a parabolic group delay response of 0,1ns per MHz ^2 with the parbolic minimum or maximum at 70MHz also in the frequency band of 52 to 88MHz

The question is now can we in your equalizer synthesis tool and use a specification input not a filter response simulated with your GNESYs software which make flat but that we have as input a function or point by point specification which defines the equalizer curve to be synthesized?

Another question would be could we use your synthesis software package also to design the same equalizer in the amplitude domain, so linear amplitude equalizer with constant group delay behavior?

Thnaks fro anybodys help or suggestions

kind regards Michael