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tubular filter with SFILTER : unable to find two shunt caps

Question asked by mlabro on Feb 2, 2004
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2004 by mlabro
I try to reproduce the 700-1000 MHz chebyshev 0.05dB bandpass example described page 42 of Applied Microwave & wireless "transforms aid the design of practical filter".

I can't find the exact structure depicted on fig 7a :
- 23.34nH series L
- 1.61pF series cap
- 11.5pF shunt cap
- 3.13nH series L
- 93.68pF shunt cap
- 0.35nH series L
- 1:8.15 trf

I have used shape wizard (bandpass, chebyshev, N=3,R=0.05,fl=700,
fh=1000) followed by extraction (series element first) Inf DC Inf Inf DC DC. This is the only extraction which gives series L1 C1, shunt C2,series L2 but I have shunt L3 series C3 instead of shunt C3, series L3.

How can I proceed ?