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Cannot install HASP drivers under WIN2000SP4

Question asked by jmenni on Jan 21, 2004
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2004 by jmenni
I've now got WIN2000SP4 and with it some trouble, as I have no success to install the necessary HASP-Drivers (I tried it several times).
I downloaded the newest version (hdd32.exe) and the installer seemed to work, but nevertheless the Hardware key cannot be found and when I look into the directory "System32", the files "hlvdd.dll and akspccard.sys" which have been installed from the driver setup, have disappeared again.
(Even when I search the whole drive, they are nowhere to be found...)
May be, the reason is, that WIN2000SP4 automatically checks. if any dll or sys has been changed and "repairs" that automatically.
How can I get a really working HASP-Driver for WIN2000SP4 under these circumstances ?