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GENESYS 2003.03 and Windows 95/98

Question asked by ROB_LEFEBVRE Employee on Apr 23, 2003
Windows 98 Second Edition is fully supported by GENESYS 2003.03.  The original Windows 98 release is not officially supported, but can generally be made to work.  Windows 95 is not supported by GENESYS 2003.03.

If the installation will not run:

First, try to run the installation manually by running the "SETUP.BAT" file on the CD or by running "\\Setup\\program files\\Eagleware\\SETUP.EXE" on the CD.

If this does not work or you get errors about OLEACC.DLL, you may need to download an update to Windows 98 from Microsoft:

1) Go to the Windows Update icon in your start menu, and start the Scan for Updates.
2) Select and install the "Advanced Accessibility" option.

This will create the OLEACC.DLL which is not shipped with Windows 98 but is required by many programs, including GENESYS.