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GENESYS Authorization Problem Due To Citrix Folder

Question asked by genesys_support on Mar 13, 2009
This is valid for versions up to GENESYS 2006.10 SP1

**Administrative Privileges will be required**

1.Make sure all GENESYS instances are not running. This can be verified by opening up the task manager and verifying there are no processes named “Genesys.exe”. If there are, highlight the process and click on “End Process” as shown in figure 1.

WARNING:Editing your registry is extremely dangerous, if you've never done this before, contact your local I.T. support before proceeding. Deleting the wrong entry may keep your Operating System from running properly (or running at all)

2.Start the registry by clicking on Start->Run and typing in “regedit”. The Registry Editor window will appear. Collapse all paths so that “My Computer” and the folders below are displayed as shown in figure 2.

3.Navigate to the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Citrix”. Figure 3 shows what should be seen.


4. Right click on “Citrix” and choose rename as shown in figure 4.


5. Rename the “Citrix” key to “CitrixA”. After this minimize the registry and run GENESYS.


If GENESYS still does not launch, check the "Show My Current License Status..." for more information.