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How to run Genesys2007.03 and SystemVue in the same PC

Question asked by vhlopez on Mar 14, 2009
Due to an old "Demo Licensing" module called Crypkey (no longer in use in either Genesys or SystemVue), Running Genesys and SystemVue on the same PC is not recommended
Having different versions of Crypkey in the same PC is unstable in later Operating systems (Windows XP and newer), due to several factors creating this licensing problem, the steps below are not guaranteed to solve the problem

  • Install Genesys and SystemVue (Don't run or Authorize either program yet)

  • Open aa DOS command prompt (Start\Run: cmd)

  • Change directories to C:\Program Files\GENESYS2007.03\Bin or C:\Program Files\SystemVue (you don't need to do this twice, either one will remove all drivers)

  • Run one of the commands “Setupex /u” as shown in the image bellow:

  • Image
  • Authorize the programs as usual

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