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Reducing the Genesys workspace file size

Question asked by rulonv Employee on Aug 4, 2003
Workspace files can become very large since simulation data is saved in the workspace.  The prevents the need for resimulation every time a new measurement is added to the workspace.  The size of the file depends on many factors such as the type of simulation, number of measurements, size of schematic, etc. 

You can reduce the file size by:

    A. Right clicking on the desired simulation (Linear Simulations don't save data in the workspace since they recalculate very fast) in the workspace tree and then selecting 'Delete Internal Simulation Data'

    B. Say 'Yes'.

    C. Say 'No' when it asks you if you want to run the simualtion.

    D. Do a 'File' 'Save As' to resave the file.  The 'Save As' name can be the same name as the original file name.

    E. Do a 'File' 'New' or 'Close' in Genesys. (If you don't perform this step Windows will not release the previously set aside memory when looking at the file size with Windows Explorer and it will appear that the file size has not changed.)

    NOTE: Windows XP does a better job at minimizing the file size than the other Windows operating systems.  Genesys uses the Microsoft file format ... which is much like hard disk memory.  When a file is deleted from a hard disk the file is really not deleted but is marked free or available.  When the 'Save As' command is executed Windows removes all freed memory from the file.