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Can I use more than one Eagleware GENESYS Hardware key?

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jul 29, 2003
It's very logical to think as follows:

"I have two standalone GENESYS keys, and each key
has different optional modules.  I've entered codes for
both keys on my computer, so I'll just plug both keys
on at the same time, and I'll have access to all the
combined modules offered in both keys."

While it's logical to think that way, unfortunately that's
not how the key security works.  Only one key at a time
is allowed.  Plug in two or more GENESYS keys together,
and nothing will run.

Also as a quick side note:  Eagleware offers two types of
key license configurations :
1)Standalone, where the user has a hardware key plugged
into the same computer he/she is using.
2)Network server, where one key is placed on a server and
clients then request seats from the server.
(using a license manager)

Two informational items concerning the above:
a)The two different types of key configurations are NOT
interchangeable.  That is, you can't take a network key
and decide to run it in standalone configuration.
b)When using a network server configuration, the PC being
used as the GENESYS server does NOT necessarily have to
be a "server" PC for the rest of the network (but it often IS),
however, you cannot run a client instance of GENESYS on the
same PC that is used as the license manager - the GENESYS
"network server" PC must be a different PC from the client
PCs actually used to run the GENESYS software.