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Symmetry in =Empower=

Question asked by mfaric on Jul 24, 2003
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2003 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
Using the Eagleware supplied "8Way.wsp" example file for reference:
If the problem is simulated as-is, it is detected to have symmetry during the port de-embedding, and the whole problem is found to have XY symmetry during the main simulation, which makes sense.
If the gridding is changed to 5 mil from 15 mil, there still is symmetry during port de-embedding, but the whole problem is not detected to have symmetry during main simulation any more.  Doing the "Select All" and "Center Selected On Page" does not help.  Changing the gridding back to 15 mil does fix it.
How do I get =Empower= to auto-detect symmetry on finely gridded large problems like the aforementioned?  This would have a big impact on the size of a problem that could be simulated, I believe.
Note that this machine has 1GB of ram and has successfully completed other simulations that used as much as 705MB of physical RAM so that shouldn't be the problem.

Mike @ QEC Inc.