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Cannot Save - cause may be bad character in graph name

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jul 14, 2003
Cannot Save - cause may be bad character in graph name

Characters other than alpha numeric in graph names or
other object names may cause difficulty saving.  (GENESYS 2003.03)

If you encounter the message
"error accessing file" or other message preventing
you from saving a workspace, please check the following:

1)Make sure the destination to where you're trying
to save the file is not full.

2)Check the names of your graphs, and names of all
other objects in the file tree
(equation windows, simulations, data sources etc.)
to make sure they don't contain any mathematical
operators.  Commonly missed "bad" names include
things like A/D  and 4100-4500MHz_BPF

If you find an object name where you have inadvertently
used a math operator, simply rename the object with a
name that doesn't use the math operator and you can
then save the file.

In many cases, math operators don't cause issues in
object names.  However, it is recommended to use
only alpha numeric characters and the underscore _
in object names.