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Installing 2003.03 SP3, cannot find file GENESYS2003.msi

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jun 24, 2003
You're trying to load GENESYS2003 SP3 and you receive a message
that it cannot find file GENESYS2003.msi

(possibly among other messages).

This happens because a prior installation of GENESYS 2003
was not uninstalled before initiating the SP3 installation.

Note that the 91MB SP3 file is a complete independent installation,
and can be used to install GENESYS2003.03 SP3 even if there was
no prior existing installation of GENESYS.

Here's what to do:

1)If you have made custom models or footprints, etc.
Be sure to save a backup of your MODEL and LIBRARY folders
and/or files so they can be copied back into the new installation later.
2)Use the windows uninstall utility (START, CONTROL PANEL,
ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS) to uninstall the prior existing GENESYS2003.
3)Next, browse through your C drive under program files and locate
the leftover GENESYS2003 folder.  Manually delete it.
4)It is a good idea to reboot the computer before installing.
5)Now install GENESYS2003 SP3 by doubleclicking the downloaded SP3
installation file and things should progress nicely.