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Ground Pours in GENESYS

Question asked by ROB_LEFEBVRE Employee on Jun 6, 2003
Pours were greatly improved in GENESYS 8.1, so be sure you are using the latest version of GENESYS. In almost all cases, ground pours will now work flawlessly.

In earlier versions of GENESYS, if you are having difficulties with a ground pour leaving big holes, not filling, or other behaviors, it may be necessary to do it in pieces. Draw a polygon over some section of the board, pour it, ensure that it is correct, then move it to the side of the layout. (You must move them to the side, otherwise the next pour will keep away from adjacent ones.)  If any pour gives you problems, make it smaller. If it still gives you problems, adjust the properties (segments, etc). Note that for these property adjustments to take effect, you must click unpour (there's a button on the toolbar) and then click pour (also from the toolbar). If you get to a small section of the board that refuses to work (very unusual), you can use cutouts in the pour or manually draw polygons to create the pour.