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Linear simulation, nolinear sim and EM analysis

Question asked by vvolta on May 29, 2003
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2003 by Todd Cutler
Dear all,

I appreciate if could explain me a basic doubt.

I have doubts concerning linear simulation verus nonlinear simulation, it are related below :

- As far I understand, on the linear simulation you can plot e.g. S-parameters graphics versus frequency loading the S-parameter from a MMIC device with microstrip lines.
Regarding nonlinear, Does is it possible to load standard capacitors values and S-parameters from a specific device and simulate it in a nonlinear analysis ? What about the package style for the reactive components ? Does the nonlinear analysis is capable to handle S-parameters and plot for example OIP3 versus frequency ?

- Regarding EM analysis, does it only analyse passive structures such microstrip and so on ?
Can I conjugate nonlinear analysis with EM ?
Someboby told me I can try to do it via "black box", creating a sub circuit and then importing to next schematic.

Thank you in advance,