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Variations in S-parameters

Question asked by aharri on May 20, 2003
Latest reply on May 20, 2003 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
I am working a new dual band 802.11 wireless lan product and I wish to review the variations in the load presented to the power amp.   It appears from measured data the variation is too large and causing a output power reduction due to load line shifts. 

I have access to HP-ADS and Eagleware, since I am a big fan of Ealgeware I am going to try to accomplish this task using it first.

I have S-parameter files for the parts, and in some cases I have worst case and typical files.

I will create a simulation with about 5 blocks of S-parameters.

How can I using Eagleware, simulate shifts in the parts in the front end of my radio as would happen in real life from part to part or build to build. Also, is there some way to use the worst case files to create some  Monti Carlo of the parts from real world data?

Also, is there a way to randomly select one of a large sample of files for each part to create the analysis?

I am considering writing some perl code to do the math for me, if Eagleware can not do it.