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Modelithics models and "not authorized" message

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Oct 27, 2004
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Use of the Modelithics parts:

There are two ways to obtain a Modelithics part for placement on the schematic:

1) You can choose it from the Modelithics icon within the lumped components menu
(main menu at top of screen)

2) You can choose it from those listed in the Genesys parts picker at right side of screen.

For now, let's consider the Modelithics parts as viewed in the Modelithics icon referenced in 1) above:
(The parts picker presents the same parts, just in different order / fashion)

One stumbling block that presently exists is this:  The Modelithics parts are optional and must be purchased seperately.
In the dropdown list (mentioned in 1) above, the uppermost 5 parts are merely repeats of
the parts available further down in the list, albeit with restricted component value ranges.

The upper 5 parts in that list are provided as "free", so users can evaluate the function of the models and see how
different they are (can be) from the ideal lumped models.  If an unpurchased modelithics model is deployed,
the device does not function as a Modelithics model, but rather as an ideal version of the element (R,L,C) and
a warning appears to indicate that the Modelithics model hasn't been purchased (authorized).

To avoid confusion, it would probably be better if the unpurchased Modelithics parts were greyed out and unavailable
for selection.  Such a request has been entered for consideration in a future release of Genesys.

Choices to proceed are:

A) Use ideal component models and/or S-parameter files for specific vendor parts, and apply the
appropriate footprints from existing ones that come with Genesys or make your own custom footprints if necessary)
(This does not provide the flexibility for tuning, such as offered by the Modelithics parts, but is a means to proceed as-is).

B) Purchase the desired Modelithics models for the hardware key in use.

The Modelithics models you see in Genesys can be purchased individually or in groups.  As you might imagine, the
cost discounts are greater for purchasing in groups.  For specific price information on purchase of Modelithics models,
call Eagleware sales  678-291-0259 or email
(Be sure to include the serial number of the hardware key you're using, found from main menu HELP, ABOUT...
and also the model(s) of interest.)

In summary:

The Modelithics models are optional, purchased seperately.  Top 5 items in the Modelithics menu are provided free.

The "Modelithics part not authorized" message appears when a non authorized Modelithics part is deployed.

"I understand the benefit of having a data file for a given part, but what does the Modelithics part achieve beyond a data file?"

Lots !  For starters, the Modelithics model is value tunable.  They're even tunable between standard component values.
This provides the ability to tune and optimize while capturing real-world component performance.  (Note that the Modelithics
models are vendor-specific).  Also, the Modelithics models are characterized for a range of substrate dielectrics.  This is
perhaps more significant than many users realize;  often, the datafile for a part is obtained on only one substrate (and
sometimes it's not even documented what was the substrate).  Part performance can change significantly depending
on what substrate the part is mounted on.

Ideal component models:
Provide ideal mathematical function, useful for development and focus on fundamental (ideal) network operation.

Component data files:
Provide a "snapshot" of a component of one value (ie. Capacitor from vendor XX,  Part # YY,  size 0805, value 270pF etc.)
or transistor at some predetermined operating point etc.  Data files provide data only for the single predetermined
operating point or setup, and are not tunable.

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