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Why I cannot convince my boss to buy Genesys

Question asked by lkarag on Dec 21, 2003
Hi, I work in a military school.
I could convince my employer to buy Genesys if It had more features for radar design. If one could simulate a set of coupled waveguides like in Mician microwave 4.9, and get nice presentations of the fields and also a simple model for a TWT, then I could convince them that I need Genesys in the radar education of cadettes.

We never teach at circuitlevel, but I could use the spectrasys part of Genesys to do pedagogical presentations of radar architectures.

If one also could feed the simulation with a radarsignal and couple the output to matlab for signalprocessing, one could do radarsystem simulation.

Then I would like to gratulate Eagleware to the nice idea of the templates.
The idea to provide a circuit template that you can put the optimization tool to work on is very good. The new "SIGNAL CONTROL" looks really nice.
Continue with that and make templates for more subcircuits...
I haven't bought a personal copy yet but I think you don't have templates for mixers, frequency multipliers, frequency dividers.
Why don't include an RF/microwave cookbok from were one could find any type of subcircuit that one needs, together with some theoretical explanation ?
You are far in front of your competitors Microwave Office anyway, which as far as I know only have their "Filter design wizzard" yet.

The day  when Genesys comes with all necessary templates for a radardesign together with a simple model for TWT and the ability to get nice graphical views of waveguide systems like in Mician, I swear that I can convince my employer to buy 25 licenses.
Then I would let the cadettes do  projects which I would call "Rapid prototyping of a radarsystem".