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How to copy / paste from one workspace to another

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jan 6, 2004
note:  This post deals with the same topic as the one titled
"Paste a circuit from another simulation", posted in the Founder's Forum.

From time to time, I'll receive an inquiry wherein a user wants to copy
something (usually a schematic or layout entities) from one workspace
and paste them into another.  Often, the user has tried to do this by
running two instances of GENESYS, opening the two workspaces, then
trying to copy from the first and discovering that the "paste" menu isn't
active in the second.  That's definitely a logical approach, but we need to
do something just a little different.  We need to configure GENESYS so
one instance will allow multiple open workspaces; then everything
appears in one file tree, and copy / paste can be done.  It's actually
easier than having two open instances.  Here's what you do:

1) Run GENESYS and from the main menu choose TOOLS, OPTIONS,
then put a check in "allow multiple open workspaces".
2) Main menu  FILE, OPEN... and choose the desired .wsp file.
3) Repeat 2) for the second, third etc. workspace files.
You'll notice that the files are all kept seperate in the file tree
4) Now you can copy from one object and paste to other objects.
5) Save and close, etc. to retain your changes.