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Synthesis usage (lock-up) in Version 2003 on and NT

Question asked by jstein on Nov 12, 2003
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2003 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
My company has just upgraded to 2003 on the NT networked workstations and I am not able to use the synthesis tool for A/FILTER - it locks up!. Under 8.01 the synthesis pull-down menu contained all of the licensed tools - now only PLL and TLINE show. The remaining filter synthesis tools can be right-click accessed via the folder now showing up in the workspace folders window. When I select add A/FILTER the program loads it into the workspace. When I start changing parameters to synthesis a filter the whole application locks up and I may get a fatal error message. I then have to END TASK under the manager.

I have done this multiple times and have achieved multiple lock-ups.

I need help and explaination to why the synthesis tools no longer run and no longer are under the pull-down menu. Any suggestions?