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Userdefined functions & upload area

Question asked by kelting on Mar 5, 2003
Latest reply on May 4, 2004 by ELSES

Dear Admins,


I am Klaus Kelting from Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, and I feel like sharing some of my userdefined functions with the other members of the ICCAP community. Is there an upload area where I can put the source code?


The functions I want to share include an interface to the Tcl/Tk interpreter. That means, one can execute Tcl/Tk scripts within ICCAP like, e.g. a PEL script (-> Program transform). Unlike a program transform, the interface to the Tcl/Tk scripts show a GUI interface like a userdefined C function does. On the other hand, the Tcl/Tk interfaces do not require a recompilation of system libraries ("libicuserc.*"). They are created from scratch each time ICCAP gets started. Tcl/Tk allows the creation of highly dynamic graphical user interfaces with all kinds of applications behind it. Tcl is a true general purpose interpreter.


This way one gets ICCAP transforms with a proper user interface, central location of the source code of the transform (ease of maintenance and bugfixing) without the bother of recompilation and distribution  of object code libraries. The bad news is, one has to learn Tcl/Tk language