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can't check out licenses for RFDE

Question asked by tkhan on Apr 10, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2010 by tkhan
My university department has a license for ltp_rfic_rfde_combo_gg, but when I try to run a simulation using ADSsim or RFDE momentum, the license for rfde_circuit_int and mom_obj can't be found when i try to simulate or run s-parameter analysis. Both of these features are part of ltp_rfic... and $AGILEESOFD_LICENSE_FILE and $LM_LICENSE_FILE are set correctly. Have I missed something in the environment setup?

My site uses the following:

Cadence IC6.1.3.500.16
RFDE<MP>: RF Design Environment (*) 350.500 Feb 20 2009