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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 24, 1999
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Dear Sir,

board: Keithley 1802ST-DA.
file:  DASDECL.H doc.: "Function definitions for the general DAS Driver for programs."
dll:   DASSHL32.DLL doc.: "Dynamic Link Library containing 32-bit function calls".

I am confused...

Usage in C/C++ for instance:
#include "DASDECL.H"
wDasErr = K_Opendriver ("DAS188", "DAS1802.cfg", &hDrv);

So, I 'know' how to implement in C/C++, but I cannot get it done in HP VEE 5.0...

In HP VEE 5.0 I am doing:
Device=>Import Library
=>compiled function I choose DASSHL32.DLL
=>myFile.h I make: long K_Opendriver ( char* DName, char* CName, int* Driver)

So, and that's where things go wrong...Could you please point me in the right direction. I feel like I skip a very important part. I would be very pleased indeed to recieve some (starting) points, tips, tricks , etc...!!

Yours Truly,

Johan Bouwhuis
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