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RFDE/RFIC Dynamic Verilog-A Compile Issue

Question asked by dingusle1 on Jan 12, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2008 by dingusle1
Hello Experts,

When I RFDE or RFIC-Dynamic-link any (spectre) circuit that needs compilation of any Verilog-A model or scripts I get an error message of something like this:


Error detected by hpeesofsim in Compiing Verilog-A based device during netlist parsing.

Error: platform CML complile failure, view the log files:






xxx is the name of a Verilog-A file. I am using ads2005a and cadence2005 on linux.

In fact, I even get this error when I use and follow an Verilog-A example in the doc "Using Verilog-A in RF Design Environment" from ADS. (This example is for RFDE (using ADsim) but I get the same error when I use RFIC Dynamic link.)

This issue is virtually stopping me to use RFDE or RFIC dynamic link  for schematics with any spectre model files (*.scs) that include any verilog-A models (*.va). I've consulted too many documents from ADS and Cadence but still I haven't got any clue....

Since RFDE and RFIC dynamic link are such awesome stuff without which a RFIC engineer can't live I'd really appeciate so so much if you could help me with this!:)

Thank you!