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PL330P programmable power supply

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 28, 1999
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I'm having trouble communicating with the PL330P programmable power
supply by Thurlby Thandar.  I am using the RS232 interface.  When I try
to send it a command, the 'remote' LED comes on (as expected) along with
the dreaded 'error' LED.

I have set the switches to '11111000' (address 00000, RS232 selected,
9600 baud).  I have set the handshake option on Advanced I/O to
Xon/Xoff.  I have tried the following commands in the direct I/O command
lines (as I'm not sure exactly what format the text should be in):

[WRITE TEXT "V<0>V<12>"]    (to set the Vout to 12V)

I've tried all sorts of other permutations, but all just give 'error'.
My wiring's OK, so what could be wrong?

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