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design_name() for RFDE

Question asked by TNAKA on Oct 30, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2006 by mfredrik

In ADS_Native Environment, I use design_name() from "Example ID: 150488" to insert design name into Data Display Window.

(1) "design_name()" look for "netlist.log"
(2) "design_name()" sees "TopDesignName=" statement.

So this function is not valid for RFDE.

Instead of "netlist.log", there are some files under "RFDE_Prj_Dir/Schematic_Name/ADSsim/schematic/netlist".

For example, "input.ckt" is available.
But we can't get valuable information in it because of TopDesignName="data".

So we have to rely on other file such as "si.env".
In this "si.env", we can get many informations such as library_name, schematic_name like following.

simLibName = "rfdeTest"
simCellName = "LNA_testbench_HB1SS"
simViewName = "schematic"
simSimulator = "ads"
simNotIncremental = nil
simReNetlistAll = 't
simViewList = '("ads" "schematic" "extracted")
simStopList = '("ads")
simNetlistHier = 't
nlCreateAmap = 't
nlDesignVarNameList = '("pin" "l_matc" "vgs" "fin" "f1" "f2")
simViewList = '("ads" "schematic" "extracted")
simStopList = '("ads")
simNetlistHier = t

Here is my question is how to get directory location(e.g. "RFDE_Prj_Dir/Schematic_Name/ADSsim/schematic/") using ADS's AEL ?

Schematic_Name could be any name for newer RFDE(after 2004A?).