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VRF - Overrun Error (2008) with Data Translation DT3010

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 29, 1999
Latest reply on Mar 29, 1999 by VRFuser
In message <8130CC31361ED111A3AA00805F19E0C7011CA1EB@FE13132.FE.BOSCH.DE
>, Landhaeusser Felix (K5/ECI2) <> writes
>Error: Overrun Error in Get Data primitive...  Code 2008
>The NT event viewer reports a "host block overflow" of the circular buffer
>in PC RAM. The DT manual suggests to allocate at least 3 buffers. I cant
>find an object to get/set the number of buffers.
>Does anyone has an Idea?
>Conditions: HPVEE 4.01, NT4.0 SP3, HP Vectra VE8, sampling rate 4 x
>250kSamples, Burst Mode (10kSamples)
>Thanks, Felix Landhaeusser
Are you using the DT-VPI add-on for HP-VEE?
If not, I recommend it.

As for your problem, I had something similar with a DT302 using DT-VPI
and it was solved by a more careful accessing of A/D.
Basically, I had the system creating more data than I was able to read
and the buffer overflowed.
My cure was to have a "Start Acquisition" command before I got my buffer
of data and then once I received it, I called a "Stop Acquisition".
This made sure that the A/D wasn't putting data into buffer's that I
wasn't able to read.

Hope this helps.

Ger Murray