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VFR: HP8753 - Formatted Data Array retrieval

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 14, 1999
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Hello Richard:
     From the driver name and date you have listed, I believe you are using
     the hp875x Plug&play driver.  When you first load any Plug&play driver
     into VEE, it is configured to perform an instrument reset by default.
     To change this setting, follow this sequence of VEE menu selections
     and button clicks:
     "I/O menu" -> "Instrument Manager" -> Select your instrument from the
     list -> "Edit Instrument" -> "Advanced I/O Config" -> "Plug&play
     Driver" -> Click the "Perform Reset" checkbox to un-check it, then
     click "OK"
     By the way, we will soon be releasing a new version of that driver
     containing several new functions:  I could e-mail it to you when it
     becomes available.
     Best Regards,
     Brad Hokkanen
     HP Microwave Instruments Division

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Subject: VFR: HP8753 - Formatted Data Array retrieval
Author:  Non-HP-rwalker ( at HP-PaloAlto,mimegw2
Date:    4/15/99 3:51 AM

        The following is my system configuration;
        Windows NT 4.0
        HP VEE 5.01
        National IEEE board
        Instrument Driver: hp875x.fp    10/27/1998
        The problem is when I use a direct I/O followed by a component driver wi
a "Formatted Data Array" output pin the Network Analyzer performs an
Instrument preset prior to outputting the Formatted Data Array output.
Obviously this is not good for my Unit Under Test and it is not the data
that I require.
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