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Disabling Extrapolation from last DC convergence

Question asked by DJOHNSON on May 6, 2004
Latest reply on May 12, 2004 by nacim1
Is there anyway of disabling the feature that uses extrapolated information from the last DC convergence for the next Analysis/datapoint.  It is preventing convergence in many of my simulations

Example.  I run an AC and TRAN analysis together.  It runs the AC first and DC converges at a particular set of conditions.  Then when it runs TRAN is trys to use an extrapolated/interpolated guess from the AC's DC convergence conditions as a starting point for the TRAN.  When it does this I get no DC convergence in TRAN, but when I run just TRAN under the exact same conditions, the DC converges instantly.  This same problem is seen occasionally in corner and parameter sweeps under any single analysis tool where it will converge just fine if a particular simulation is run alone, but when run in a sweeped simulation it will not converge.

Can I disable the feature which uses the prior convergence data for the next datapoints initial guess???  I am looking for something similar the the HB's restart command.