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PNA attenuator de-embedding for Amp gain measurement

Question asked by DigtalDeath on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by Dr_joel

I'm new to the Agilent/Keysight VNAs so bear with me cause I have newbie questions on how to operate them.
I'm trying to setup an E8357A PNA Network Analyzer and I can't find a menu function to do what I need.

I do a calibration with the N-type Agilent calibration kit and it all seems perfectly fine.

I install a 20dB power attenuator to protect port 2 so I obviously get a -20dB straight line on S21.
Now what I need is to de-embed the attenuator's attenuation so that I get a straight zero line with the attenuator in place. I know my way around on other brands but I can't find how to do it in this PNA. Can I store it and then add it to the measurement so I get the zero line? How is it done in this analyzer?