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Port vs input vs characteristic impedance

Question asked by koskyttemyr on Mar 21, 2016

I am new to Genesys and quite new in the RF electronics field as well. I have some struggles understanding the port impedance parameter in Genesys. The port impedance is called Z0 in Genesys, but I am used to call the characteristic impedance for Z0. 
Is the port impedance in Genesys the characteristic impedance or the input impedance looking into the port?

I am trying to simulate the matching network for a MOSFET using the simultaneous 2-port matching feature of Genesys. My challenge is that the device generating the RF signal to be amplifed must see a complex load of 31.7+j36.6 Ohms at the operating frequency, i.e. as I understand, the input impedance looking into port 1 shall be 31.7+j36.6 Ohms.

Can I use Genesys for this purpose and if so, how do I proceed? Do I set the port 1 impedance to 31.7+j36.6? 
I am unsure because the port impedance is called Z0, and I want a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms.

Knut Olav