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Does VEE have a future or is it pretty much dead?

Question asked by GWALTD on Apr 8, 2016
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Hello All,

After having touched HP VEE (and LabView) back in the HP days when Windows 3.11 was still a thing, I now found myself in a situation where having a closer look at the modern versions of VEE as well as LabView and settling on one of them makes sense. Of course I did a search for some opinions on VEE vs LabView but most of what I've found was at least 7 years old and unlikely to be relevant today.

So I gave them a try. Because of my historical preferences for VEE, Keysight's Vee Pro 9.32 Eval was first, and it didn't take long for me to put together some admittedly simple programs controlling a few Agilent test instruments. It seemed really dead simple and logical, and the only thing I found I didn't like was the way standalone programs are generated (i.e. having to install a separate runtime version on the target PC, instead of being able to provide a single package with runtime and program). I also tried LabView 2014 (the only version I had access to) a try, and I can't really say I liked it. I hated the UI with everything spread in various windows, and I didn't find it overly intuitive.

Still, LabView is widely supported by pretty much every T&M manufacturer, with a huge user base, which only increased further thanks to the cheap Home Edition. For VEE, there seems to be very little support outside Keysight, and the user base seems to be much smaller. What really worries me however is that it doesn't look like Keysight is putting a lot of ressources into VEE to develop it further. The current version is from 2013, and it's still 32bit only (LabView had a 64bit version since 2009 or so). It pretty much looks like a product that is likely to be dropped completely in the near future.

So this might be a silly question to ask in such a forum, but I'd like to hear the opinions from people that work with VEE and might have a deeper insight into its relevance and feature. So I'd like to ask, do you think VEE has a future? What is the roadmap for VEE? Will there be a 64bit variant? Or is it pretty much a soon to be legacy product to support existing projects?

I'd also would like to hear from people who use both, VEE Pro 9.x and a modern variant of LabView (say 2012+), what their honest opinion is about both products.



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