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Documentation on private built-in AEL functions

Question asked by ren_zokuken01 on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by volker_muehlhaus

This is regarding the topic discussed here: Scripting Data Display

I've decided that I will do this by attaching an AEL code to my Component Library. There doesn't seem to be a public function that creates Rectangular Plots.

I opened a typical *.dds file for how Data Displays are done. Looks like it's just AEL code using something like a Document Object Model with each hierarchical members accessed as associative arrays with get, set and get_new (initiates new member).

These functions don't seem to be in any public documentation. Would you guys bother providing a link to them or a tutorial on how to program *.dds?

I would hate to spend weeks poking around just to get this thing running.


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