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Can I generate a .ckx calkit file for an E5071C ENA-series VNA?

Question asked by drkirkby on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by drkirkby
Is there a way I can generate a file with the definitions of a calibration kit so that it may be read on an E5071C? Apparently this ENA series instrument can only read .ckx files. I don't have a E5071C, but want to supply a file someone with an E5071C can use. 

I am aware of different bits of software which allow me to write cal kit definitions into 8510, 8753, 8720, FieldFox and PNA instruments, but can't seem to find any way to do it for ENA series instruments.

Do Keysight have an emulator for the ENA series that one can obtain? Rohde and Schwarz  kindly provided me an emulator for their later series of VNAs, which allow me to write the cal kit files in the format used by R&S.