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Agilent E7401A / E4401A 1DR option

Question asked by EB5AGV on Mar 29, 2016
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Hi all,

I have a *E7401A* EMC Analyzer, which is very close to the *E4401A* Spectrum Analyzer. It came with several options installed (1DR, 1DS, 060, B72, 1DN, A4H and AYQ). All seem to work fine except the *1DR* option, which is the *Narrow Resolution BW* one, which lets you set a minimum of 10Hz RBW, compared to the usual 1kHz RBW.

When you list the Licenses, the key is shown on the listing. And even the key shown can be entered again, with a positive result (+Option Activated+). But, despite that, you can't select narrower than 1kHz RBWs

I wonder if someone could help me with this problem.