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Reading measurements without interrupting measurement

Question asked by funkytuqe on Mar 28, 2016
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Hello, I am attempting to create a program that will setup measurement of the 34465A and continuously send data to PC without interrupting the measurement.   I set up measurement with an infinite trigger, then use the :R? command in a loop to extract the data to PC.   I felt that the :R? command was appropriate because if I understand correctly, that command does not wait for sampling to finish and will erase samples read to avoid overflow.    Unfortunately, the data I am receiving from the 34465A is not as expected (getting numbers in the E-71 range), the only way I can get reasonable data out is if I wait for samples to stop which is not what I want.
The code basically looks like this

:R? (this part in a loop to continuously capture to file until stop command given)

The Data I get out is junk, however if i change the Trigger count to 1 and run :R? once i get sane data.    What am I missing here?  The manual seems to suggest that using the :R? command it can read data while measurement is running.

Thanks, any sugestions?

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