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P_SpectrumDataset help

Question asked by JPSilver on Aug 9, 2011
Hi All,
I'm having problems trying to specify a large number of carriers using the P_SpectrumDataset signal source.
The first thing I did was to create a txt file of may data (reduced to just 10 for this example)

% INDEX mag ang
2 -109 0
3 -122 0
4 -117 0
5 -112 0
6 -108 0
7 -105 0
8 -105 0
9 -104 0
10 -102 0

I then read it using dftool, format MDIF, Discrete and specified the data set file. When I read the dataset I get

Independent Variables:
    Name                            Type     
    INDEX                           String   
Dependent Variables:
    Name                            Type     
    mag                             Real
    ang                              Real    

Which I assume shows that the dataset has been correctly generated. In the P_SpectrumData expression I have specified "polar(dbmtow(mag),ang)". When I run harmonic balance (just looking at the output of the source, I get a dsexpr: Expression (polar(dbmtow(mag),ang)) failed to evaluate error??

Any suggestions or examples of how I can get this to work?