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Issue with using Sequencer Controller in ADS

Question asked by TravelingWave on Mar 30, 2011
Hi all,

I am studying about using Sequencer in ADS. I started by learning from the Sequencer_prj. However, I found some issues ...

According to the attached figures, in the first figure, the Top-level schematic contains two test benches (TB1 and TB2) running in order as in indicated in the Sequencer controller.

When I double clicked on the Sequencer Controller, as seen in the second figure, and TB1 is highlighted, after I clicked OK button going back to the schematic, the Sequencer Controller indicated only TB1. And by double clicking again on the Sequencer Controller, the two test benches are now separated (i.e., only TB1 appears in sequence window).
When I tried to add TB2 to the sequence window again, ADS does not allow me to do so.

Is this a bug in ADS2008 ? Please suggest me how to solve it.

I also tried to create a new schematic containing two test benches I created by myself, I still had the same problem

Thank you so much all,