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Best way to simulate hot-S22 in ADS?

Question asked by HEIJNING on Jan 31, 2011
I am looking for the best (and correct) way to simulatie the hot-S22 in ADS (for example for a power amplifier under RF drive). So far I have used a HB simulation with a small signal test tone
at the output of the HPA, at a small offset frequency, and calculate the S22 from this test tone. The result depends heavily on the MaxOrder setting (for the mixing products of the large
signal RF drive and the small signal test tone). I would guess that I do not want mixing of the test tone with the RF drive (so MaxOrder=1), but the result with mixing (e.g. MaxOrder=3) seems
to give more realistic results.
I am also trying to simulate the hot-S22 from an X-parameter extraction simulation (the S_2_1_2_1 term in the dataset). This again gives a different result.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Marc.