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ADS: Momentum & AEL (create component)

Question asked by maarten on Apr 16, 2010

Currently, I am able to automatically draw layouts which can than be simulated by momentum using AEL scripts.
To simulate a layout, one has to create a component and include it in a circuit to start simulating.
Using the gui, this task can be completed using the menu: Momentum -> Component -> Create/Update...
The problem I face is that I don't know the equivalent ael code/function to do that.

if possible, can anyone post the ael function to accomplish the task?
It would also be nice if a reference could be provided which explains all the momentum ael functions (or something similar).

Is the method 'create_item()' fully equivalent with the Momentum "create componen" action?
If so, how would I have to use it?
I'd like to include a reference pin. A layout look-a-like would also be nice (but not needed necesarily).

Thanks in advance for the effort made