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PSP Model import

Question asked by iope10 on Mar 24, 2010
Hi! expert~

I extracted PSP 102.1 and PSP 130.1 model for MOSFET via Proplus's tool.
I Checked to pass this Model on Hspice 2009.09 version without errors.

But, I can not import this Hspice model to ADS 2009 U1 version.

First of all, Hspice level=69 was changed to ADS level=psp1021 or ADS level=psp1031.(if Hspice level=69 model can not import ADS -- reference: NXP home page)
nettras function is working. But, all model paramenter of psp model were ignored during nettralation on ADS Main window.(File/import/Hspice --> ADS)

Please let me know How to use Hspice level=69 PSP model on ADS 2009 U1 in detail.